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Before using cluster eyelashes, curl natural eyelashes with a curler or clip, if desired, they can be immediately painted with mascara.


  1. Grab the bundle with tweezers as close as possible to the base and remove it from the tape with a sharp movement.
  2. Apply a drop of ZIDIA glue to the auxiliary surface, and lower the base of the bundle into it.
  3. Wait 30-40 seconds for the glue to dry a little and form an elastic film.
  4. Glue the bundle to the desired place on the eyelid in the interlash row.

When applying tufted eyelashes, move in the direction from the outer corner of the eye to the inner. Press the bundles to the eyelid with light movements to securely fix them.


Cluster Lashes from ZIDIA – luxury synthetic cluster lashes. They are made in a deep black shade, so they add incredible expressiveness to the look. Tufted eyelashes have a perfect curve, which helps to perfectly complement any makeup.

ZIDIA false eyelashes in tufts have really premium characteristics, because they:

  • soft – do not cause any discomfort;
  • stable – last all day, do not fall off and do not fade;
  • safe - do not harm natural eyelashes.

ZIDIA Cluster Lashes are very soft to the touch and light. You won't feel them on your eyelids, so you'll feel comfortable wearing them anyway. They stay on the eyelids for the whole day and will withstand even a fiery party.

False eyelashes in bundles are intended for one-time use. One package is enough for 5-7 makeups, depending on the need.


Cluster Lashes Flame – a collection of cluster eyelashes of luxury quality. Their deep black color will help create the effect of full eyelashes and emphasize the outer corner of the eye. Thanks to the volume and the combination of different curves in one bundle, the eyelashes will make your look playful and seductive.

ZIDIA Exclusive Cluster Lashes is a combination of luxurious look and unsurpassed quality, so eyelashes from this collection are truly premium:

  • wear-resistant - made of durable artificial of material;
  • extra soft – do not cause discomfort during use;
  • super bulky – 20 in each bundle eyelashes with different curves, which creates an incredible 20D voluminous effect;
  • certified – safe and not harmful to the eyes.

Artificial false eyelashes ZIDIA Cluster Lashes Flame will last all day. The material is very soft - the eyelashes are not felt at all on the eyelids. You will be sure of the perfection of your image, even if you are going to light up at a bright party. Eyelashes do not fall off and do not fade, so no unpleasantness will spoil your makeup.


To purchase cluster lashes and order delivery to any country (except Russia and Belarus), add the appropriate product to the cart and complete the purchase. Also, you can always buy eyelashes from official partners ZIDIA.