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Before use, apply make-up and paint your eyes. Try on the eyelashes - if they turn out to be too long, cut off the excess part.

To glue eyelashes:

  1. Apply a thin layer of glue to the tape.
  2. Wait 30-40 seconds for it to dry a little and form adhesive elastic film.
  3. Glue false eyelashes to the eyelid as close as possible to the growth line of natural eyelashes. They should be glued with light pressing movements.

ZIDIA Glam Collection – natural false eyelashes created to make your look luxurious. The eyelashes are thick, create the effect of painted eyelashes, and thanks to the rich black color, they add expressiveness and sophistication to the look.

ZIDIA 3D Collection – reusable strip natural eyelashes that, thanks to the 3D effect, create the effect of full between the eyelashes and give expressiveness to the eyes. The collection features eyelashes of two types: round and "cat's eye". The main advantage of ZIDIA Mink 3D Collection eyelashes is their volume.

ZIDIA 6D Collection is a collection of natural eyelashes with a 6D effect, which will harmoniously complement bright evening bow. They are thick and very lush, so they are great for photo shoots and stage performances. Eyelashes from this collection are luxury products and have premium quality.

ZIDIA Mink Collections – premium quality false eyelashes:

  • natural– made from sheared mink fur;
  • reusable– eyelashes can be reused up to 25 times;
  • flexible – the tape is easily adjusted under the eyelid;
  • wear-resistant – the eyelashes hold perfectly and do not deteriorate with the correct gluing technology;
  • certified – comply with Ukrainian legislation and are safe for the eyes.

The main advantage of mink eyelashes is their quality. They resemble natural eyelashes, light and soft to the touch, so they do not weigh down the eyelids and are almost not felt on the eyes. With them, you will not experience any discomfort even after many hours of use. Mink eyelashes are fluffy and voluminous, so they always have a luxurious look.

Eyelashes stay firmly on the eyelids and do not peel off throughout the day. They are well attached to the tape, so they do not fall off during repeated use. In addition, the eyelashes are easy to use. It is very easy to stick and remove them - it does not require much effort and special skills.


ZIDIA Red Carpet Collection – ribbon false eyelashes made of artificial material of premium quality (Faux mink). Thick, soft and light, they emphasize the look, and the rich black shade adds depth.

ZIDIA Essentials Collection (false mink) - 3D false mink eyelashes from ZIDIA! These are 10 extraordinary lash styles from more natural to bold. All eyelashes in the collection are made of high-quality synthetic mink, which is as close as possible to natural eyelashes.

ZIDIA Lower Lashes are made of artificial mink, reusable and wear-resistant. They have a really luxurious quality, soft to the touch and very similar to natural eyelashes. Eyelashes are held on a strong transparent tape. They have a natural look and in any case do not oversaturate the make-up.

Faux mink lashes – false eyelashes made of artificial mink, which are almost as good as natural ones. To create an accurate imitation of mink fur, silk or polysynthetic fibers are used for production. Eyelashes made of this material are also not felt on the eyelids - they are comfortable to wear even after many hours of use.

ZIDIA Vegan Silk - a collection of artificial ribbon eyelashes sold in sets of 5 pairs. There are more than 10 types of false eyelashes on sale in two shapes (rounded and "cat's eye") - you can choose a style to your taste. Each pair can be used up to 10 times, so one set will last you 50 days. ZIDIA Vegan Silk is a great option for those who have already decided on a style and confidently want to purchase false eyelashes for 50 extensions.

Vegan Collections - synthetic eyelashes of premium quality:

  • artificial - made of high-class durable material;
  • reusable - each pair can be used up to 10 times;
  • wear-resistant – hold firmly on the tape, do not fall out and do not crumble;
  • soft – do not cause discomfort and are almost not felt on the eyes;
  • easy to use – the tape is flexible, so you can easily adjust it to the contours of the eyelids;
  • safe – do not cause irritation and do not spoil natural eyelashes.

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